What we offer

Vitaleurythmie can be used in a number of ways, depending on which questions are foremost in your mind:

Vitaleurythmie is flexible and can be adapted to any life situation. We can make you an offer tailored to your individual needs.

We also offer eurythmists a one-year continuing education certificate course education certificate course  at the Alanus-Hochschule in Alfter (Germany).

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Each of our seminars focuses on one primary topic: Stress, communication, finding new sources of energy for everyday life, dealing with inner drivers (boosters)… Before getting into the movement exercises, each seminar will begin with a short introduction to the topic at hand. We will explain our concrete approach. No prior experience is required. If you already know and appreciate eurythmy, these courses are an opportunity to get new ideas and do something good for yourself.

We alternate between movement exercises and discussion units where we go into the main topic more in-depth. This helps you get in touch with yourself again, and learn to use your own strengths and weaknesses. The exercises are designed to be easy for you to integrate into your everyday life later on.

Most of our seminars are structured as follows:
9:30 AM – 1:00 PM: Seminar (with breaks)
1:00 PM – 2:45 PM: Lunch break
2:45 PM – 5:00 PM: Seminar (with breaks)

Different schedules are also possible, as are two- and three-day seminars.

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We can develop a workshop specifically tailored to your interests. Do you have a special request of something you would like to focus on? Are you organizing a conference or convention and interested in incorporating a Vitaleurythmie seminar? Vitaleurythmie can be adapted to meet your needs – let us prepare a workshop especially for you.

Workshops can focus on cooperation, mindfulness, development, change, perspectives, perception, or other similar concepts. They can also be integrated into an existing framework program or topic of focus to strengthen it, intensify it, make it more in-depth.

Vitaleurythmie uses movement to take questions that would otherwise be dealt with only intellectually, and transform them into fields of experience, making them more intense and more enduring.

We will go wherever you need us—we’ve already flown everywhere from Windhoek (Namibia) to Stockholm to Istanbul, but we’re also happy to drive to Bad Segeburg or Passau!

We regularly offer workshops at professional conferences, for example

  • as part of conventions and conferences held by the Association of Free Waldorf Schools in Hamburg and Stuttgart
  • at International Eurythmy Conferences in Dornach (Switzerland)
  • as part of company consultations on change management or organizational development in Germany, Namibia, and Turkey
  • in lecture series at schools and institutions.
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Individual coaching for employees and managers

We offer Vitaleurythmie coaching tailored precisely to your individual professional situation. Employees and managers at a variety of companies and organizations have had very good experiences with these coaching sessions.

These coaching sessions are designed to reinforce your own competencies in dealing with your individual professional challenges and opportunities, and to support you personally on that journey. This primarily involves

  • improving professional skills
  • design management
  • social management
  • promoting humanitarianism at work
  • recovering individual potential to create
  • expanding one’s repertoire of interpretation and action patterns
  • developing new potential to create.

Schedule and prices by individual agreement.

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Team coaching

Vitaleurythmie is especially suitable for accompanying team processes, and for facilitating and improving cooperation within a group – regardless of whether your goal is to dismantle hierarchies or establish a positive corporate culture.

Team coaching help participants learn to manage stress as well as their own energy resources, and also involve special group processes. Vitaleurythmie represents a new shared experience that boosts participants’ performance capabilities, This builds enduring trust within the group, which is extremely beneficial to strategic processes.

We offer these coaching as 30-, 60-, and 90-minute units. We can also come be part of an indoor event or an internal meeting, adapting Vitaleurythmie units flexibly to fit your needs and requirements, as well as your framework program.

Regular appointments – once or twice a week, for example – can be an even more effective and sustainable solution, as can a Vitaleurythmie intensive program where we work with an entire group, team, or department over two or three days.

These coachings are perfect for institutions and faculty groups (for teachers at schools, for doctors at hospitals, for example); teams in the corporate, social, or creative sectors; and managers.

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Our consultancy services

We kindly offer to give advice to you, which content and event format fits to your company, organisation, practice, school. Here, the goal is not only to address and discuss operational challenges, but to work through them and develop awareness of them as we explore the possibilities of movement. This integrates those affected by the changes into the process of change, and actively involves them in finding solutions. As a result, personal and company resources and competencies can be expanded sustainably and adapted to current developments.

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Vitaleurythmie Certificate Trainings in Germany and Sweden

A training program for eurythmists, divided up into five blocks, held at the Alanus University in Alfter (near Bonn, Germany) and in Järna (Sweden)

The Vitaleurythmie academic certificate is useful for anyone running eurythmy courses or doing eurythmy-related work at schools, as part of therapeutic eurythmy, or in professional environments. The aim of this continuing education program is to provide an in-depth, specialist understanding of eurythmy as a modern anti-stress method. Theory and eurythmic practice are closely connected throughout the course. The Vitaleurythmie certification course is aimed at trained eurythmists with professional experience, eurythmy therapists, and eurythmy educators.

You will need to complete this certification course successfully in order to use the term “Vitaleurythmie” to describe your practice. 

The program provides comprehensive specialist training in a variety of professional and personal skills:

  • training mindfulness through Vitaleurythmie
  • overview of Vitaleurythmie as a “modern anti-stress method” (salutogenic approach)
  • working with the “dynamic energy fields” of the speech sounds
  • individual topics and concepts related to social research and stress research, and how to implement them eurythmically
  • exploring new ways of using Vitaleurythmie in adult education, in schools, and in companies.

Content and structure

  • basics of stress “When running away doesn’t work anymore…”
  • stress prevention “The immune system of the soul” (resilience)
  • using Vitaleurythmie in creating internal distance, calming, energizing, centering, regenerating, and relaxing
  • fundamentals of communicating Vitaleurythmie
  • communicating learning-by-doing methods
  • preparing workshops (dealing with resistance and organizational problems)
  • peer consulting, shadowing, coaching.

Duration and Organization

The course lasts approximately one year, and is divided into four weekends (each Friday 4 PM to Sunday 1 PM) plus a block week.

Vitaleurythmie Certificate Training at Alanus University (Alfter, Germany)

The next certification course in Germany (course No 6) will beginn in fall 2019. You now can sign in!

Block I
November 8-10, 2019 
“Training mindfulness through Vitaleurythmie; the dynamic energy fields of the speech sounds”

Block II
January 17-19, 2020
“Vitaleurythmie and communication”

Block III
February 14-16, 2020
“Vitaleurythmie – fields of application for stress management”

Block IV (block week)
April 4-9, 2020
“Vitaleurythmie as a salutogenetic strategy / the immune system of the soul”

Block V
September 18-20, 2020
“Special exercise designs and certification”

Participants who complete all the modules and receive positive portfolio assessments will receive a certificate from the Alanus University.

Alanus University Alfter (near Bonn, Germany)

1.750 Euro for the entire course.

Phone +49-(0)-2222-9321 1274
Mail: eurythmieveranstaltung(at)alanus.edu

Download information card course No 8


Vitaleurythmie Certificate Training in Järna (Sweden)

With September 2018 there will start a Vitaleurythmie certificate training program in Järna, Sweden (instructions will be in English language).  

Block I
September 21-23, 2018
“Training mindfulness through Vitaleurythmie; the dynamic energy fields of the speech sounds”

Block II
November 23-25, 2018
“Vitaleurythmie and communication”

Block III
February 1-3, 2019
“Vitaleurythmie – Fields of application for stress management”

Block IV (block week)
April 8-13, 2019
“Vitaleurythmie as a salutogenetic strategy / the immune system of the soul”

Block V
September 6-8, 2019
“Special exercise designs and certification”

Participants who complete all the modules and receive positive portfolio assessments will receive a certificate from the Järna Academy.

Järna Academy, Järna (Sweden)

For further information please contact Alexandra Tsigotsides by phone 0046-73 777 32 85 or by mail info(at)jarnaakademi.se or have a look to the homepage of the academy or in this leaflet (Download) in English language. 

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The Vitaleurythmie Network

We want to continue sharing and developing the Vitaleurythmie concept and methods – through dialogue with fellow eurythmy professionals. Our intention is to explore aspects of Vitaleurythmie together, to convey didactic skills, and to use learning-by-doing as a basis for developing a concept for imparting information that incorporates group dynamic processes.

We would like to discuss exercises and methods, and to gain insight into one another’s experiences. “Eurythmy resources and their use in relation to the topic of stress” is a very broad field, allowing productive dialogue and debate that is also important to scientific research.

Together, we can achieve things we would never manage alone! This is why we are especially interested in establishing a wide-ranging Vitaleurythmie network.

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Prices and conditions

Prices for seminars, individual coaching, and team coaching are determined by individual agreement, based on the amount of work involved. Please contact us to request a bid!

Bank details

IBAN DE47 2501 0030 0011 841302
BIC PBNKDEFF (Postbank Hannover)

By registering for any of our courses or seminars, you accept our conditions of participation:

Applications are processed in the order in which they are received. They are only binding once the course fee has been received. Only then can students be guaranteed a spot in the course.

As soon as your registration fee has been posted to our account, we will notify you and confirm your registration.


Cancellations at least ten days before the start of the course will be refunded, minus a processing fee of 30 Euro. For cancellations less than ten days in advance, the full course fee will be due unless a substitute participant can be found.