Christiane Hagemann

Christiane Hagemann

was born in 1957, and works in Hamburg as a freelance eurythmist and eurythmy therapist. She has been teaching adult-education courses in eurythmy for over thirty years.  She was a member of the Hamburg Eurythmie-Bühne from 1982-1993. She has worked in Waldorf schools, at preschools, in retirement homes, and at the Musikseminar Hamburg. She was a co-founder and lecturer of “4.D – raum für eurythmische ausbildung und kunst”, a eurythmy-training program (BA) in Hamburg (2007-2013).

She has worked as a lecturer at Priesterseminar Hamburg since 2003, and as a Vitaleurythmie lecturer at the Alanus-Hochschule in Alfter since 2009; since 2014, she has also taught the Vitaleurythmie certification course. She and Michael Werner worked together to develop the concept of Vitaleurythmie as an anti-stress method. She regularly gives Vitaleurythmie seminars and workshops at conferences and conventions, both in Germany and abroad. In 2007, she published the brochure “Vitaleurythmie: Gesundheit, Spannkraft, Lebensfreude” (Health, Buoyancy, Vitality”).

Since 1986, in response to the Chernobyl disaster, she has been leading a weekly Vitaleurythmie course focused on regenerating and strengthening vitality in Hamburg.

Michael Werner im Kurs

Michael Werner

was born in 1964, and works as a eurythmist. Since 1995, he has worked at the Rudolf Steiner School in Hamburg-Bergstedt, teaching eurythmy to middle and high school students. In 2003, he completed training as a consultant and organizational development specialist at Trigon, and continues to manage consultation projects in Germany and abroad even today.

From 2010-2015, he coordinated the Eurythmy Pedagogical Research project at the Alanus-Hochschule in Alfter, where he continues to work as both a researcher and a lecturer for the Vitaleurythmie certification course.

He was a co-founder and lecturer of “4.D – raum für eurythmische ausbildung und kunst”, a eurythmy-training program (BA) in Hamburg (2007-2013).

Michael Werner contributed to “Den eigenen Eurythmieunterricht erforschen” (“Exploring one’s own eurythmy pedagogy”) edited by Stefan Hasler and Charlotte Heinritz (2014), and to “Erziehungskünstlerische Motive verwirklichen” edited by Gisela Beck, Stefan Hasler, Axel Föller-Mancini (2016) and to “Pädagogischer Auftrag und Unterrichtsziele”  (Curriculum of eurythmie in education) edited by Tobias Richter (2016).

Michael Werner is on LinkedIn, Xing and Facebook.

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The Vitaleurythmie Network

We want to continue sharing and developing the Vitaleurythmie concept – through dialogue with fellow eurythmy professionals. Our intention is to explore aspects of Vitaleurythmie together, to convey didactic skills, and to use learning-by-doing as a basis for developing a concept for imparting information that incorporates group dynamic processes.

We would like to discuss exercises and methods, and to gain insight into one another’s experiences. “Eurythmy resources and their use in relation to the topic of stress” is a very broad field, allowing productive dialogue and debate that is also important to scientific research.

Together, we can achieve things we would never manage alone! This is why we are especially interested in establishing a wide-ranging Vitaleurythmie network.